Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Alpha Launch

So there it is. Keiyaku Kekkon. It actually works.

I'm quite proud of myself. Even though it is still a buggy piece of shit, at least it's finished. I have so much trouble actually following through and finishing my various side projects that it feels good to actually see an end product. It is a real thing that could actually be useful to other people. Maybe it won't ever get any traction. Maybe it will never amount to much. But no matter what, it exists.

The site is in an alpha testing period, so I am not promoting it too aggressively. Just hope to see a few users trickle in so I can get feedback and squash more bugs. Once I feel like it is battle tested, I'll move into a beta period and have regular paid accounts.

Once it gets to beta I'll probably promote on Reddit and do a "Show Hacker News" post. Going to need to think a bit about marketing and business development. Marketing isn't really my area so I'll probably have to do some research on how to advertise. Still, I think the basic business concept has legs if it is pushed the right way. Time will tell!

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