Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Project Update

Keiyaku Kekkon

That is what I am calling it.

The Contract Marriage service.

Those are literally just the Japanese words for "Contract Marriage."

Functionality is pretty straightforward: You make a profile and a contract. The contract spells out the sort of marriage you want - specific roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the husband and wife. You can 'wink' at other users or send a 'proposal'. Recipients of proposals can then accept, reject, or counter. Kind of makes a game / business negotiation of it. Could be fun.

The site has been surprisingly fun to build. I went with a Wordpress server to start because it seemed like the easiest thing. There are a couple of dating site themes that are easy to play with too.

The tricky part so far has been the user interface (UI) and the design. I had to get help with some Craigslist contractors for those. I found a really good web designer to help with pictures and getting rid of that cookie-cutter Wordpress look. Also had to do some PHP work on the backend for some custom features. I feel the same way about PHP as I do the washlet in a Japanese toilet. I respect its usefulness but prefer not to be in a situation where I need it.

The basic app works but needs A LOT of polish and testing. I bought a domain and an SSL cert and I'm also putting together a YouTube ad. With luck the thing should be ready for an open Alpha period in about a week. It'll be totally free to use during that time as the goal there is just to see the site work properly and get feedback. After that there will be a Beta period with reduced price, and then a full launch with regular pricing.

I don't anticipate it being all that popular, but it has at least been fun to make. This is the first website I've built in a long time. It's a great change of pace from my day job down in the trenches with Cassandra databases.

I tend to get distracted a lot on side projects so I am glad that I could see this one through. It hasn't even been that expensive to bootstrap on my own either. Maybe I can find a business guy interested in becoming a cofounder and get him to focus on finding users.