Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reality Calls

 I am doing an interview with an alt-right commentator by the name of Tara McCarthy, aka 'Reality Calls'. She is a British young woman and an independent journalist with her own site: She did a number of videos covering the "Pizzagate" conspiracy. I do not really have an opinion on that issue as I have not looked into myself, but it is the sort of thing I am glad to see people take the time to properly investigate. Her focus now seems to be on politics and western civilization. From her videos with a number of alt-right personalities it is clear that Tara is a very bright and well-spoken young lady.

She is also a racist.

She recently interviewed a libertarian student and a young black man who is a member of Mensa (I have exchanged messages with the latter in the Mensa forums so I know he is legitimate). In those interviews Tara not only expressed her belief in the inferiority of Africans based on their lower IQ scores, but also suggested that it is rational for employers to avoid hiring black employees. When the interviewee pointed out that one could just weed out low IQ / incompetent blacks via simple tests, Tara suggested this was an unreasonable expense of resources and time. In another video she also argued for encouraging more use of contraceptives throughout Africa as a way to keep their population down.

The essence of racism is the idea that individuals should be treated a specific way because of their race. I think of racism as a 0 to 5 continuum:

0: Anti-racist // Race is a social construct // All races are totally equal, culture accounts for all differences

1: Race does exist, but the differences between races are minor. Culture accounts for 99%.

2: Race does exist and there are meaningful differences in things like IQ.

3: There is a clear hierarchy of superior and inferior races.

4: Superior races have the right to persecute inferior races in some contexts.

5. Inferior races should be eliminated for eugenic purposes. Superior races ought to dominate the world.

I personally do not think a person is racist simply because they believe there are differences between races. Again I think it is about how you treat individuals. That really comes into play at level 3 on the continuum. There are also a number of issues that are independent of this continuum. The question of race mixing, for example, as well as the right of government or private sector racial discrimination. I can be a libertarian anti-racist who supports race mixing and believes private companies ought to have the right to discriminate by race. Furthermore, many societies (such as Japan) practice de facto racial discrimination with their immigration policies, but do not actually persecute minorities within their borders or ban interracial marriage.

Tara I suspect she falls somewhere around a "3" in the above spectrum (I rate myself somewhere between 1 and 2). In her interview with the high IQ young black man she made clear that even smarter blacks ought to be kept out of white countries because of the fear that these blacks' children will regress to their racial mean in IQ.

So why talk to someone like this? Why reach out to a person who seems to believe all of my achievements and contributions to society are invalidated by my skin color?

Well for one, because I respect her. It takes courage to be openly racist in western countries. I intend no irony in that statement. It is a legitimately dangerous thing to do as it can lock you out of polite society and a great many opportunities. I have a lot more respect for thoughtful open white racists than liberal whites falling all over themselves to apologize for their privilege.

But I am also talking to her because it is hard. Because it is uncomfortable. Because it is a bit scary. And because I hope to learn something. The easy thing to do is to just dismiss and condemn. Worthwhile experiences are rarely easy though. Tara is a smart young lady. Maybe we can learn from each other. I do not go into the conversation with any big plan to try to convince her that she's wrong and make her adopt my beliefs. I don't want to punch her in the face. I just want to listen and ask some questions of my own. Hell if we lived near each other, I'd even buy her a drink. It's not beyond me to be friends with someone with racist opinions. Plenty of my Japanese acquaintances have "problematic" views.

This is how we rebuild a shared western culture. By listening to each other. If a black guy and a white racist can find common ground and discuss issues in a civil and rational way, then maybe there is hope for all of us.