Friday, February 17, 2017

Reality Calls Reaction

Just finished the interview. I think it went well. It went a lot faster than I thought it would and I regret not asking her more questions. She seems like a pleasant enough girl. While I still think it is accurate to describe her as racist, she does not strike me as hateful.

Racism comes in many forms. There is the more hateful and aggressive type that is focused on putting down "inferior" races. I see a lot of this on Amren with all of their articles on minority crime. While I agree that we need to be open and honest about disproportionate rates of crime, the community has struck me as quite negative, with lots of commenters piling on ethnic insults. Maybe this is cathartic for them.

I am more sympathetic to the more positive type of racism - that which is focused on appreciation of one's own people and their achievements. For example black nationalists who focus on appreciating black artistic achievements and strengthening black families instead of attacking white people. Tara struck me as being more in this camp. She has a genuine love of western civilization. In the interview she denied being a supremacist (some of her statements in other interviews seem to contradict this) and said that she has respect for all different cultures.

Japanese people are generally like this. They love their own people and culture above and beyond all others without apology. However you will rarely hear them say anything negative about other societies. There are numerous TV shows in Japan about foreigners and rarely are they critical of them. (though their comedy is not always politically correct...)

So I can respect Tara's point of view, particularly since it does seem to be informed by actually reading about genetics. While I could argue that her interpretation of the science is inaccurate, it would be wrong to call someone like her ignorant. She isn't ignorant. She has a difference in values. And what's great is that even with that we found a lot of common ground on various social and political issues.

For progressives (and most conservatives) the accusation, "You're racist!" is a way to end a conversation. For me it is the start of one. I intend to write a more thorough piece on racism in the near future.