Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump, Meryl Streep, and Trolling

It is so amazing to me that these celebrities still have not caught on to the fact that denouncing Trump like this plays right into his hands.

Streep criticizes Trump. Not one person who supports Trump is convinced to switch sides. In fact it energizes his supporters more than progressives. This is because people emotionally respond more to negative feelings such as outrage. You see this on Twitter all the time. Progressives feel a small boost when someone like Streep speaks out against Trump. Trump supporters, by contrast, are outraged – they rally immediately, they're all over Facebook, Youtube, everywhere, all ready to respond to a perceived attack.

While Streep is preaching to a choir in a church that is losing members, Trump gets to play the embattled underdog. Trump, a billionaire and the most powerful man on the planet, still plays politics like he's got a chip on his shoulder – always responding, always angry. It is the same thing that makes Tom Brady great (and I hate saying that as New Yorker and a Jets fan). Four Superbowl rings and the guy still plays angry – still has that hunger to prove everyone wrong about his late round drafting. Trump is the same way. It is him against the world. The outsider taking on 'The System'. Moderates and independents love that narrative. When they see someone getting dogpiled on, they feel an urge to give the guy a chance. Even some liberals soften toward him. So Trump gets two benefits from being attacked by Streep; his base is energized and he wins over more centrists and undecideds. Meanwhile Streep and the Hollywood left think they are actually hurting Trump somehow.

Trump just sits back and laughs. Another out of touch Hollywood liberal wagging their finger at America. It plays right into his narrative. He could just watch and enjoy it, but no, he pours gasoline on it. He calls Meryl Streep overrated. Meryl Streep, Hollywood royalty, a woman with more awards and nominations than anyone can count, a woman Trump himself has complimented in the past – he calls her overrated. If you know anything about trolling you would recognize this as obvious bait. But other celebrities like George Clooney fall for it. They all have to react, on Twitter, in TV interviews, everywhere.

It's awards season. One tweet from Trump and we are guaranteed months of wealthy celebrities in fancy clothes lecturing America from some Hollywood podium about how evil Trump is. It should work about as well as all those celebrity Youtube videos, first telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton, then telling the electoral college to disregard the will of their constituents, and finally, demanding congress resist the president elect. Breitbart and the alt-right crowd will have tons of material to play the 'out of touch coastal bubble elitists' card to convert normies who are becoming less and less scared of openly supporting Trump.

I just don't understand how they can't see what is going on. All these Hollywood leftists and journalists with this vision of Trump as a bungling, thin-skinned clown are completely out of their depth. This idea that he's just on the toilet rifling off tweets thoughtlessly is absurd. I guarantee you every single tweet he puts out is vetted by advisors like Steve Bannon for maximum strategic effect. It is classic 4D chess. This is how Trump, the joke candidate, outmaneuvered the richest and most powerful American political dynasty in history, while simultaneously battling a heavily biased media and his own party.

And they still underestimate him.