Thursday, January 14, 2016


So I moved back to Tokyo.

That's most of why I have not written for some time. Believe it or not, the process is not simple.

I had to sell my car and renew my passport. The wife and I ran two garage sales to get rid of junk, then shipped boxes of our stuff to Japan by boat. We had to rent a weekly mansion, a kind of temporary apartment. I had to go through a long visa process as well to get my residency card.

All of that is behind me now. We are settled in a nice big home in a quiet Tokyo suburb. Next step is getting a Japanese license and buying a car. Since I work from home and there are numerous trains and buses near by, I am in no hurry.

So why did I do it?

It's simple really. I lived there before. I compared my lifestyle in Tokyo to my time in NY, and decided I preferred Japan. I may elect to expand upon the many reasons that inform that perspective. For now, I'll just say that it is good to feel at home again.